caption contest, man and dog begging

Well, if it isn’t time for another caption contest!  We haven’t even exhausted the last one yet, but surely some of you can handle two at a time, right?  Anyway, this week’s photo is of a man and a dog begging for food.  Why do you suppose they’re begging?  What might they be thinking?  What might a passerby think?  Or what kind of joke can you make about it?

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6 thoughts on “caption contest, man and dog begging

  1. Osama Yo Mama

    Devout as usual, Osama and his trusty dog Hakeem pause and face Mecca at the hour of prayer, no matter where they are or what they’re doing…..OR he lost his contact…..OR Osama sees a Marine coming and hides his face…..or the dog farted (he has a strained look on his face) and the man is covering his face….OR they are practicing their duck and cover tornado drills….OR it could be a snooty dog making fun of a poor beggar…OR it could just be a man and his dog begging at some high traffic area……OR….

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