the ultimate soup

I’m not usually a big fan of soups.  Some are good, but usually I’d rather have other things for my meal.  But for the past month, my orthodontist had me on a no-chew diet, which equates to eating lots of soup.  So I’ve been trying a lot of different varieties.

All this got me to wondering — why doesn’t someone invent a gravy-based soup?  I don’t mean brown gravy (though there may be a place for that), but using milk-based gravy made from the grease of some meat like fried chicken or sausage.  It could have other ingredients in it like cornbread, or crumbled-up biscuits.  (And if you’re putting cornbread or biscuits in there, you might as well add the butter you’d put on them.)  The gravy soup should also have chunks of the fried chicken or sausage.  This would be the ultimate soup.

Any other suggestions to make it better?

One thought on “the ultimate soup

  1. MangoMan

    Don’t forget chunks of sausage… mmmm…
    and of course it could use a few slices of crispy cooked extra thick cooked bacon (so it won’t get soggy)

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