caption contest, guys standing by exploding fireworks

Here’s our next caption contest, since it’s Monday.   This week’s photo features a couple of guys standing in the midst of firecrackers exploding.  Or so it seems.  The actual story could be anything, because you get to make it up.  So write a funny caption explaining what’s going on.  If nothing comes to mind immediately, let your mind wander for a few minutes while staring at the picture.  And remember, you get to invent the story, so it can be almost anything you want.

guys standing in smoke of firecrackers

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13 thoughts on “caption contest, guys standing by exploding fireworks

  1. MangoMan

    before Ninja’s perfected the whole ‘disappearing in a cloud of smoke’ bit, the experimented briefly with ‘disappearing in a cloud of farts’. The red confetti shown flying around is all that’s left of their once menacing red ninja suits. Who knew that ninja’s actually wore jeans and tshirts under those things?

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    For some reason, the plan to smuggle fireworks in their pants while smoking nonchalantly brought more attention then they had anticipated.

  3. MangoMan

    In this non-animated tv version of cartoon networks ever popular ‘Speedy Gonzales’, speedy is shown here in the process of starting to run. The smoke is generated by extreme heat burning the rubber off of his red tennis-shoes as he seeks to gain traction on the pavement.

  4. Mr. Destructo

    The elderly, washed-up “Important Evil Genius” had invented buttcrackers, which was like firecrackers you shoot from your butt. It was a bad idea…

  5. Holiday Inn Express

    Pedestrian safety is at an all time high with the advent of the disposable car. Upon hitting anything, the vehicle explodes into smoke.

  6. Thomas Wayne

    Mango-Man has been eating at Taco Bell every day, and for whatever reason he was storing the leftover FIRE sauce packets in his pockets. I told him that was a turrible* idea, but he never listens to me… Now that he’s blown his britches out, he should apologize for calling me a stupidhead!

    * I know how to spell it, but you’re supposed to say it that way — turrible (like Charles Barkley in the Taco Bell commercials).

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