new ways to share posts you like

The Buffet o’ Blog Important* Administrator has now enabled some sharing tools for each post.  This is handy for when you read a funny post and would like to share it with your friends.  When you’re on the page for a particular post (i.e., not the home page), there’s a Share button below the post, and clicking on it will show options for sharing, such as e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and a few others.   So now it’s easy to share a post with your friends.  And we would appreciate that.   Maybe they could use a little more laughter in their life, and perhaps this site could help them with that.  Think of it this way — a few clicks of the mouse (and perhaps a login if necessary) and you could help make the world a better place.  How easy is that?

* Of course I’m important, but since everyone trumpets their importance (like the Important Doctor, Important Evil Genius, Important Psychologist, Important Democrat, etc.), I figured I’d add that to my title.  Why not?

If any of you have any issues with this post, feel free to skip reading the rest of it.  🙂

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