caption contest, UDT scuba divers

Welcome to the next caption contest!  This week’s photo features scuba divers saluting someone, and their uniforms say UDT.   I don’t know what that means or what’s going on, but you get to fill in the details (or make up your own story altogether).

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8 thoughts on “caption contest, UDT scuba divers

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    North Korea’s latest attempt to create a new chemical weapon: guys in airtight suits eating a lot of beans. The resulting ‘air’ is stored in the green bottles, while the pack holds more beans.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Prior to competition, members of the Underwater Dyslexic Team salute their commander, who is behind them.

  3. Crappo the Clown

    Is it bad to fart in these diving suits? … No one knows? Well, then there’s only one way to find out! Nyuk nyuk nyuk

  4. Thomas Wayne

    These guys are participating in an experiment, testing these suits to see if they filter air well enough to hang out with Mango-Man after he eats a fourth meal at Taco Bell.

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