funny pictures, episode 8

Here’s a few more pics from my collection of funny pictures, starting with a funny basketball photo.  After that, there’s pictures covering topics like: Chuck Norris action jeans, a kid trying to be a gangsta’ on a Barbie bicycle, a guy painting his white car with a black permanent marker, and a guy who drove his car into a flooded area.

What's going on? Who turned out the lights?
If doing roundhouse kicks tends to rip your jeans (I hate it when that happens!), then this is the product for you!
Are you gangsta' enough to be cool on a Barbie bicycle? (No.)
Crappiness is recession proof.
I think it's flooded...

If you have any funny comments to go with any of these pictures, you’re welcome to share them in a comment for us all to enjoy.  Or if you feel inspired and creative enough to somehow connect all these pictures in a single story, give it a try.

(To see more funny pictures, click on the “Funny Pictures” category in the sidebar.)

2 thoughts on “funny pictures, episode 8

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    Basketball: I could make this shot blindfolded.

    Chuck Norris jeans: Designed to resist blood stains, perfect for when you accidentally kick someone’s head clean off.

    Marker car: It soon became obvious why one paint shop’s bid was so much lower than the others.

  2. MangoMan

    basketball: Leon… use the force!!!

    Marker Car owner talking to friend: “i’m going to use this car for my getaway after I rob the bank. Since I’ve covered this car with a dry erase marker all I have to do is duck down an alley and use the oversize eraser in the back seat to clean all the marker off. the cops will be looking for a black car and i’ll be driving a white car! i’m so clever! it’s the perfect crime!”
    friend: “don’t you think they might just call in your License plate number?”
    car owner “um… !!!!”

    flooded car: “man! that’s the worse case of diarrhea i’ve ever had! Looks like i’ve covered all 4 lanes of the Highway! so much for thinking it was just a fart!”

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