caption contest, Stormtrooper with cookies

This week’s caption contest features both desserts and Star Wars humor, so it’s bound to be good!  The photo is of an Imperial Stormtrooper carrying a tray of food, which looks to be some sort of cookies or donuts.  I’m not sure what the food is nor what is going on, but that’s okay, because you get to write the context.   If you think of something funny explaining what could be going on here, let us know in a comment.  Or even if it doesn’t explain the story but is funny, that’s fine.  Just keep it clean and make it funny.

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15 thoughts on “caption contest, Stormtrooper with cookies

  1. Thomas Wayne

    “Oh you wanted me to bring you the Wookies… I thought you said bring you some… arg!… no Lord Vader… Noooooo!”

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