caption contest, ready, focus, shoot

Sorry for the shortage of posts last week — I was out of town a few days, plus I had stuff to do.   🙂  How about we kick this week off with a caption contest?

This week’s caption contest features a photo involving photographers, snipers / sharpshooters, reporting, and video.  I just don’t know what’s going on. So it’s up to you to explain what’s going on.  To give you some ideas, you can write about what these people are looking at, or you can write about the people in the picture.  You can write whatever you want — just make it funny and keep it clean.

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13 thoughts on “caption contest, ready, focus, shoot

  1. Beppo

    The photographer got the picture of the crowd. His editor still wondered what they all were looking at, since he didn’t get a picture of THAT.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    A little “slower” than the rest of the photography students, Joe had to be told that “shooting” pictures wasn’t to be taken literally.

  3. Holiday Inn Express

    It looks like the arguments on the latest reality TV show may be getting out of hand.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Reporter in purple: “Boss, I still don’t know where the gunfire came from… it’s a mystery… I was filming the situation the whole time, and it just came out of nowhere!”

  5. Beppo

    Fitting in the trend to bring you the news as it is happening, the video guys will be able to show us the bullet in slow-motion as it heads toward its target.

    Never mind the safety of the reporters… it’s all about showing live “on the spot” reporting. Like when a reporter is in the middle of a hurricane, about to be blown away…

  6. Thomas Wayne

    This is Joe Reporter, coming to you live from the hostage situation. As you can see, we have live footage of the resolution as it is happening. Because this is Action Cool News 5, where we not only report the news, we make the news happen!

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