where to buy coffee made from poop

A while back we wrote about a very expensive coffee made from poop, also known as “Kopi Luwak”.   Now Think Geek is offering it for purchase and consumption in the U.S., calling it Civet Crap Choice Coffee.  It costs $34.99, for 5-10 servings.  Kinda pricey for coffee, and gross to think about, but, hey, it’s rare and exotic and unique!  Restaurants sell this for $50 per cup!

I will not personally be conducting any research / taste-testing on this coffee.  I don’t drink coffee, and even if I did, I wouldn’t want to drink coffee made from beans that a wild animal pooped.   If any of you reading this have tried it, leave a comment explaining the “complex flavors” and “highly exotic” flavor.

If you go to the website and see the package it comes in, it’s funny how they felt led to put “edible” on the front of the package…  And it’s rare because “only 500 KGs of this rarity are found each year”.  You know why?  People have to find poop from this animal, collect it, and remove the coffee beans from it.   Then they make coffee from it, for you to drink.

3 thoughts on “where to buy coffee made from poop

  1. Cole

    Interestingly enough, I’ve done a lot of research on this coffee. I used to be a coffee ambassador for Starbucks.

    First off, the unreasonable price is due only to the product’s scarcity.

    So, the overall richer flavor of the coffee comes from the proteins already being partially broken down in the cat’s intestines. The coffee is then usually sun-dried (which is also really good for a richer flavor) and roasted darker because beans from the sub-Asian and Indonesian growing regions are sturdier and can take more heat.

    The bean already has three really good qualities in that, but it’s the fourth quality that really sets it apart. The Palm Civet is extremely selective and picks only perfectly ripened coffee cherries to eat. The beans cultivated from their excrement are unbelievably consistent in quality!

    Is it good? I’ve always been curious, and I would try it if I had the opportunity. The problem is, believe it or not, there’s a lot of counterfeit versions of this coffee being sold and I’m not about to spend that much money on what could be fake, well, crap.


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