caption contest, many people in one truck

Well, it’s definitely a Monday.  So to brighten things up a bit, here’s the next installment of our weekly caption contest.  This photo features a large number of people in the back of a truck.   You get to determine why.  Here’s some sample questions to help you think of a funny explanation.  Where are they going?  Who caused this?  What does the owner of the truck think?   Could anyone you know be involved in this?

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10 thoughts on “caption contest, many people in one truck

  1. Cole

    “SHOTGUN!” Good thing that guy in the front seat called it.

    (I’m just curious, how in the world are the front tires even on the ground, still?)

  2. William

    Everybody… “The wheels on the car go round and round, round and round, round and round……” Again…

  3. Thomas Wayne

    They were all having a good time, but little did they know that at the next corner, Eddie was going to call the dreaded “Chinese Fire Drill”.

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