four years of blogging

February 2010 marked four years of Buffet o’ Blog.  Can you believe it?  It seems like only yesterday this was an obscure blog, trying to find its place in the blogosphere.  Speaking of yesterdays, check out this cool graph showing our monthly growth.

As the graph so poignantly illustrates, traffic is up something-eight percent, which surely puts us in the upper percentiles of blog growth.  Obviously I should be getting paid for this!  (So if you feel led to be a sponsor or to make a donation, have your people contact my people.)

Now, for some detailed statistics, for those of you who care about such things…

Total # of posts: 822
Total # of comments: 4,131
Total # of spam comments blocked: 73,461
Total # of page views: 368,604
Best day of traffic: 2,286 hits (page views) on Sept. 28, 2009

Last year at this time, we had only 161,241 page views / hits (over 3 years), so in just the last year, we’ve had 207,363 hits.  Inconceivable!  It boggles the mind.  I’m amazed that so many people have seen and perhaps read some of my ramblings.   Does this mean I’m famous?  Is my blog now officially not obscure?  I think I’m becoming a seasoned veteran at this now…  🙂

Last but not least, I’d like to thank you, the loyal reader, who makes this possible.  Without you, I’d just be rambling, but with an audience, I’m an author or something.  So thanks and stuff.   I wish I could host a crazy-huge party with unlimited nachos for all the regular readers, but since there’s no budget, there’s no money.  (If someone wants to host a party for the Buffet o’ Blog staff, we do parties!  And let me tell you — if you think the snippets of randomness you read here is something, consider that our randomness quotient increases exponentially when we’re all together.  It’s a guaranteed good time.  More fun than you could shake a stick at!)

BTW, if you’ve read all the posts here, you deserve a gold star.  You know who you are!

8 thoughts on “four years of blogging

  1. Beppo

    Free bacon sure sounds like a great idea! If only we had a budget… (I wonder if this will become the most-visited post now, since you said “free bacon”.) 🙂

    Ironically, there have been recent rumblings of another Buffet o’ Bacon night, which might happen as soon as tomorrow night. If you could find yourself in the central Arkansas area, you could join us. If not, I’ll try to post some pictures.

  2. Pumped Up Reader


    YEAH! I will try to take that long drive to hang out with those always hilariously random group of guys dubbed “the staff” of Buffet-o-Blog.

    Congrats on 4 years!!! You should definitely be getting paid for all this.

    You offer free bacon to the peasants AND offer great humor as well.


  3. Fab

    Man, I’ve wasted tons of time on this blog. I think I actually have read every post. What a sad, boring life I live. At least BoB keeps it fun for a few minutes per day. Congrats on clawing your way from obscurity (yes, I believe I was the first to call your little start-up blog “obscure”). Funny how that motivated you to work at it and bring it to where it is today. Not that I’m trying to take credit for your blog’s graduation from obscurity to semi-unknown, but I’d like to think that my nay-saying may have given you some of that go-get-em attitude that caused you to work (ahem) at the blog.

  4. Beppo

    Fab, thanks for the compliment, I think… 🙂 So should I call your blog obscure to provoke you to more writing? I can do some nay-saying, if it will provoke you to good writing. 🙂

    FYI, time spent laughing is not time wasted. Laughing heartily each day can add +7 years to your life. I saw it on a TV commercial, so it must be true. (And it helps me justify my time commitment here!)

    Apparently free bacon combined with “great humor” creates a pumped-up reader. So should I offer more free bacon? Would that help me get paid? Although then the bacon technically wouldn’t be free… so then, well, it might not work. But I reckon you can’t go wrong with free bacon, however you slice it.

  5. Thomas Wayne

    That’s one interpolation…

    If it works, that will be the key to living forever! I plan to, y’know. Some people say it’s impossible, but they say that only because no one ever has. 🙂 So far, so good…

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