caption contest, mounties on fake horses

I watched part of the closing ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics last night, and the finale involved various aspects of Canadian culture.  Seeing the mounties reminded me of this picture I had stored away in my stash of future caption contest photos.  So I figured this would be as good a time as any to use this picture.

As you can see below, the photo features what looks like two Canadian mounties (police officers) on fake horses.  Of course, there is no actual context provided, so you can make the scenario be whatever you want.  Just keep it clean and funny.  And for the record, this photo and the ensuing comments are not intended to dis’ (disrespect) Canada nor their mounties in any way.  It’s just for fun, and two guys on fake horses seemed to have some humor potential.

For ideas, think of what various people might say in that situation.  For example, what might the mounties be saying to each other?  What might the onlooking civilians say or think?  What might these mounties be responding to?  Why do they have fake horses?  And of course, your caption can be completely random — that’s what we specialize in here at this blog.

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19 thoughts on “caption contest, mounties on fake horses

  1. Beppo

    Mounty on left: “Rookie…if there’s one thing you learn quick out here on the streets, it’s that being a cop is about getting respect.”

  2. Mr. Destructo

    Due to unforeseen budget cuts, these were the only minions the Important Evil Genius could afford.

  3. Beppo

    Jerry: “Are you sure we don’t look like dorks?”
    Phil: “If you’d just neigh every once in a while, Jerry, no one would notice.”

  4. Crappo the Clown

    As a Canadian, I find this picture very moving. In fact, it’s moving me to Cleveland as we speak.

  5. Holiday Inn Express

    Ever prepared, the mountie on the right is carrying a spare hat in case something should happen to his. A mountie without his hat loses a lot of dignity.

  6. Mr. Destructo

    For a country whose symbol is a leaf, law enforcement is just about as intimidating as you’d expect.

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