the devil doesn’t like garlic

At our monthly annual business meeting at Larry’s Pizza last week, we all learned something new.  One of the waitresses brought a garlic chicken pizza by our table, and we were debating on whether we wanted any.  She informed us that it’ll keep the devil away.  That sounds like a good plan, so I ate a piece.  But we all thought the garlic effect applied to vampires, not the devil.  But perhaps the devil is a vampire…  I haven’t heard of that before, but I don’t have much to do with him, so I don’t know.  But I do know that I like eating at Larry’s Pizza, and apparently that makes my life better in several ways…

4 thoughts on “the devil doesn’t like garlic

    1. Buffet o' Blog Administrator

      It’s an annual meeting that happens monthly. If you were there, you might understand. Perhaps we can extend a special exclusive guest pass for you to attend one of these unique meetings, so you may experience the awesomeness.

      You would enjoy these meetings, I think. Randomness abounds, you get to fellowship with the entire Buffet o’ Blog staff, plus there’s unlimited pizza. You can’t beat that with a stick! (Actually, stick-beating at these meetings is frowned upon since the Mango-Man incident of ’07.)

    2. Thomas Wayne

      I agree with the Buff Blog Admin on this one… the meetings are awesome, and stick-beating should not be referenced. I’ll spare the ugly details, but it involved Mango-Man’s prized ketunias, and let’s just say there was much crying and sobbing from a certain individual, and we do not care to ever witness such a debacle again!

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    It had occurred to me that she may not have been referring to the garlic. I think it’s the chicken would keep the devil away. So a simple garlic chicken pizza provides protection from both vampires and the devil.

    Now if only we can find what is repelled by cheese. I’m betting yeti.

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