digging to other side of Earth

Have you ever wondered where you’d end up if you dug a hole in your backyard and kept digging until went to the other side of the Earth?  Now there’s a website that makes it easy to find out.  It’s called Antipodes Map, and you just select your location and it automatically shows you on Google Maps where you would end up.

If your current get-rich-quick scheme is planning to dig a hole through the Earth and create a toll road, you should check what’s on the other side first.

I put my location in, and it showed the middle of the Indian Ocean, so it’s probably in my best interests to quit digging…

3 thoughts on “digging to other side of Earth

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  2. MangoMan

    yeah… the Indian ocean would not be good… it appears that holds true for basically the entire US… how disappointing… I did however find that if I moved to just the right spot in Northern most Montana (okay… actually just over the border into Canada) and dug there I could come out in the “French Southern and Antarctic Lands”… how about that! 🙂

  3. Thomas Wayne

    I had also noticed that spot around the upper boundary of Montana that would lead to an island. That has potential…

    And if you were to dig a big hole in Montana, there’s a chance nobody would find out about your plan until it’s too late… so you wouldn’t have people copying your get-rich-quick scheme nor bureaucrats giving you red tape, saying there’s zoning restrictions or some such.

    Of course, you’d have to make sure your hole doesn’t eat up most of the island, and that water doesn’t start pouring in your hole.

    There’s also the potential issue of hot molten magma to deal with…

    But I reckon there are obstructions to deal with in building an intercontinental toll road, which is why no one has done it yet…

    I also reckon that’s why I won’t bother doing it, because I’d rather eat Cheetos and play video games. Digging a hole through the Earth sounds too much like work…

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