caption contest, adults racing tricycles

It’s Monday again, so you’re probably expecting another caption contest.  And I’m happy to oblige.  But I am curious about the lack of typical Monday traffic.  There were about 60-70 percent fewer pageviews today.  I know, it was Labor Day, so people were busy not laboring.  I’m going to suppose the traffic was down because people were busy relaxing or grilling or out on vacation, that it’s not because people mainly check it from work.  🙂  But either way, I’m thankful for the traffic, so I’ll quit rambling about that now.

This week’s photo features a group of adults riding tricycles.  I really have no idea what’s going on here.   But who needs context?  We don’t for this, because we get to write our own!   It’s up to you, my awesome readers, to write a funny explanation for this picture.  As always, you get to choose your own context, perspective, setting, etc.  You can write dialog for the people in the picture, or you can write commentary / analysis of what’s going on.  The only general guidelines are to make it funny and keep it clean.

guys racing tricycles

(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

12 thoughts on “caption contest, adults racing tricycles

  1. Mr. Destructo

    The Important Evil Genius had wanted an army of motorcycle bikers, but his minion budget had to be slashed after his stock investment in Consolidated Fuzz crashed…

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