funny security guard at Brownsville revival

This post will bring back humorous memories for those who attended the Brownsville revival in Pensacola, Florida.  There was a certain security guard who kept people in line when the doors were opened.   (If you never went during its peak of popularity, people would wait outside the church ALL DAY to get into the service.  Seriously, people would be waiting in line at 7:00 AM, and the doors opened at 6:00 PM.)  This particular guard had a megaphone, and he always said the same things.  The way he said it was funny, and it was in Ebonics, which made it even better.  Here’s a sample:

“Single file line!
Watch yo’ step!
No drank, cooluh, backpack, large bag, or umbuhrella will be allow in de santuareh!
Watch yo’ step!
Single file line, folks!
Watch yo’ STEP!
Hold yo’ seat!
Do not move from yo’ seat until you are told!
You may lose yo’ seat!
Watch yo’ step!”

I miss those times… not only the services, but the incredible fellowship we had on those trips.  Road trips can be a great time (if you have the right people — some folks let they attitude get musty when sittin’ in a car all day).

BTW, when our church has a revival with folks waiting outside before the doors open, I’m gonna make sure somebody with a similar style of speaking has a megaphone to continue the tradition.

2 thoughts on “funny security guard at Brownsville revival

  1. Kri'

    I never got to see that guy but heard plenty about him… I’m sure he’s got a huge Facebook page or somethin’ these days to follow-up on him. He was a rare talent.

  2. Sissy

    Yes..I remember him well! I attended beginning in 1996 and attended usually once a week for 5 years. (and waited in that outdoor line! ) I definitely remember the megaphone man! He knew his stuff, and wasn’t going to put up with anything…can you imagine people WAITING in line in the hot summer sun of Pensacola, Fl. hours and hours and hours…to get into church?? You could if you had been touched mightily by God…God bless Mr. Megaphone for ‘keepin’ us in line’ .

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