caption contest, man in strange green outfit

Do Mondays give you indigestion?  If so, you should try our weekly caption contests, which start on Mondays.  They might make you laugh, and that helps the day pass.

Speaking of that, it’s Monday, and here’s our next caption contest.  This week’s photo features a man in a very unusual green outfit, walking along with some normal-dressed people.   I really have no idea what’s going on here, so it’s up to you to provide some context for what could be happening.  So leave a funny caption for this picture.  Just keep it clean…

man in green outfit walking with people

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16 thoughts on “caption contest, man in strange green outfit

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    This revolutionary suit uses the power of photosynthesis to provide air conditioning for the wearer, keeping him cool when in direct sunlight . Unfortunatly, a side effect of the suit also turns cool into lame.

  2. Important Doctor

    Young Darth Vader met with several failures before finally deciding on his infamous black outfit and mask. On the upside all the ridicule he faced in those early days was enough to fuel his rage for years!

  3. Fab

    After going through the clinical trial for Rogaine’s newest formula, Joe experienced some strange side effects. He always dressed that way, but now his hair growth matches his strange wardrobe.

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