limit of 250 sandwiches at Arby’s

Arby’s has a new special where you can get 5 regular roast beef sandwiches for $5.  They’ve done such things before.  But this time, there’s a catch — there is a limit of 250.  That’s not a typo.  Here’s how the ad looks:

Arby's 5-for-5 deal, limit 250

Why is there a limit of 250 sandwiches?  Do they have a recurring problem of people ordering more than 250 sandwiches at a time?  I don’t get it…

Since they have that limit on there, I reckon if you wanted more you’d have to go through the drive-thru again, perhaps having the driver and passenger change seats.  But I don’t recommend that, because having 250+ roast beef sandwiches in your car might cause it to permanently smell like roast beef.  Can you imagine how full your vehicle would be if you put 250 sandwiches in there?  That would take up a lot of space!

And of course you can’t eat from Arby’s without also having their infamous curly fries!  You need to have those in proportion with your sandwiches, because they go great together.  So then you’d have somewhere near 250 packages of curly fries.  That many fries in one spot might cause the smell to waft a few blocks.  Then everyone within that radius would be craving Arby’s, and the store would be overrun with business.  Perhaps that’s their plan.  It makes me want to go there…

I’d like to see someone order 250 sandwiches, to see how the workers there respond, and to see how full the customer’s vehicle would be.  So if anyone out there does any “research” into that, let me know, and send a picture of 250 sandwiches…

8 thoughts on “limit of 250 sandwiches at Arby’s

  1. Bag O' 250 Sandwiches

    Well since the dad has to physically restrain that little girl from attacking the stack of 30 or so sandwiches, I guess the 250 limit is just a precaution.

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    So they sell these things in groups of 5, but the advertising photo shows 6 people. Who gets to go without?

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Let’s see, who goes without…

    In the picture, the girl looks upset, so it could be her who doesn’t get a sandwich. Or the teenage guy on the right, who is posing like he’s cool. He may think he’s too cool to eat with his family.

    Then again, the boy may be in trouble for acting like a buck-toothed redneck in the annual family photo at Arby’s. Or the mom and/or older girl might think they’re fat (like all women think) so they’ll eat only a salad (does Arby’s sell salads?) or get a market-fresh sandwich (that is implied to be healthy but is far from it).

    Of course, the dad could probably eat all 5 himself…

    So who knows? Perhaps they should just order 250. I reckon that’s the point of the ad — “feed your family’s hunger!” With 250 sandwiches, there should be plenty, so no fighting.

  4. Fab

    I went to Arby’s last night to get a French Dip and Swiss which was outstandingly good. As I went through the drive-thru, I saw the sign with the limit 250 on it and I just started laughing out-loud. I told the girl at the window that they were crackin’ me up with that limit 250 thing. She said people had been laughing at them for that all day long during her shift. I asked if anyone had ever ordered 250 sandwiches and she said the most she had ever seen done at one time was 20 and it took 4 bags for all of them. I guess 250 would take 45 or 50 bags. Can you imagine sitting at the drive-thru behind someone who is getting 50 bags handed to them? At some point, you would have to wonder how many nooks and crannies of their car they’re having to shove sandwiches into.

  5. Loyce

    Working at arby’s and would love the challenge and to see how they would store those sandwiches in their car

  6. kitty

    the most I’ve ever seen someone buy was 65 regs and 65 med curly frys and they weren’t even on special… and you wouldn’t put that many in bags you put it in boxes…

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