the ultimate BLT sandwich

I saw a commercial the other night for an “Ultimate BLT” from Arby’s.  It had my attention because of how often they said bacon (probably 7 times).  They used big grandiose terms like “monument to bacon”, etc.  So naturally I was expecting good things from this new food of theirs.

Then they actually shows the sandwich, which contains only 5 pieces of bacon.  I was suddenly disappointed.  And that’s with their commercial depiction.  Here’s a picture of one that someone purchased.

Arby’s “Ultimate BLT”. There might be 5 pieces of bacon, but not 5 full strips of bacon. This is so not the ultimate BLT.

I realize fast food often does not look like the commercials — I get that — but this is not an “Ultimate BLT” by any stretch!

So a question arises.  For something to be declared the ultimate BLT, how many slices of bacon are required?  And should any other ingredients be included?  (I realize there may be purists who say a BLT cannot have extra ingredients, but what if it makes it better?  Plus, we are talking about a modified title of “Ultimate BLT”, which implies it should be the best possible BLT.)

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, because you might have ideas I haven’t thought of.  To get the discussion started, the Buffet o’ Blog staff talked about it around the virtual water cooler:

* I think anything to be declared the “ultimate” in bacon should have a minimum of 1/4 lbs of bacon… anything less and it just sounds a bit puny.  I’d laugh if I saw a commercial touting something like 1/8 a pound of bacon!

* Even if one cares about the other 2/3 of a BLT, you’d still need bacon to be prominent over the LT.  I’d say at least 1/4 lbs, but I’d recommend (and like to research) 1/2 lbs.

* To be “ultimate”, they’ve got to take it to the next level.  BAM!  For starters, add melted cheese to it, and Miracle Whip.  Some chipotle sauce would go well with it, too, I think.  For the cheese, could probably use cheese dip with Rotel to pour on it, just make it thick enough to stay in the sandwich.

* Add a fried egg to it!  Well, if you’re gonna call it ultimate, add several eggs and more bacon.  And cheese, of course.  Tell me this wouldn’t sell like hotcakes!  I would eat this for any meal of the day.

Any more ideas?

limit of 250 sandwiches at Arby’s

Arby’s has a new special where you can get 5 regular roast beef sandwiches for $5.  They’ve done such things before.  But this time, there’s a catch — there is a limit of 250.  That’s not a typo.  Here’s how the ad looks:

Arby's 5-for-5 deal, limit 250

Why is there a limit of 250 sandwiches?  Do they have a recurring problem of people ordering more than 250 sandwiches at a time?  I don’t get it…

Since they have that limit on there, I reckon if you wanted more you’d have to go through the drive-thru again, perhaps having the driver and passenger change seats.  But I don’t recommend that, because having 250+ roast beef sandwiches in your car might cause it to permanently smell like roast beef.  Can you imagine how full your vehicle would be if you put 250 sandwiches in there?  That would take up a lot of space!

And of course you can’t eat from Arby’s without also having their infamous curly fries!  You need to have those in proportion with your sandwiches, because they go great together.  So then you’d have somewhere near 250 packages of curly fries.  That many fries in one spot might cause the smell to waft a few blocks.  Then everyone within that radius would be craving Arby’s, and the store would be overrun with business.  Perhaps that’s their plan.  It makes me want to go there…

I’d like to see someone order 250 sandwiches, to see how the workers there respond, and to see how full the customer’s vehicle would be.  So if anyone out there does any “research” into that, let me know, and send a picture of 250 sandwiches…

free food at Arby’s

Here at Buffet o’ Blog, I usually write about funny stuff — whether original humor or linking to something that’s humorous.  But there is the occasional public service announcement, particularly when it comes to food.  Not only is food important (it’s part of a balanced breakfast), but it can be quite an enjoyable experience.

There have been numerous discussions with the staff here that turned to Arby’s food, especially their curly fries.  (We also had an excellent idea for how Arby’s could gain more impulse customers by using the natural wafting action of the aroma of their curly fries.   But so far they haven’t contacted us.)  Anyway, I’m going to speak about Arby’s again, just so you are in the know.


At a recent visit to Arby’s, the back of the receipt told of a survey you could take to get a free sandwich — a Regular Roast Beef or a Beef ‘n Cheddar.   Those are both around $3, so that’s something to speak of (hence the post).  The survey is really easy to complete and takes only a few minutes.   I’ve used one already to get a free sandwich.  And the best part is, upon redeeming my free sandwich, I got another survey, which led to another promotional code.  (I did make a purchase in addition to the free sandwich — had to have some curly fries!)

I don’t guarantee that this offer will last or that all receipts include the survey.  But since I’ve gotten two in a row, I figure the odds are good, and you might want to stop by there some time.  It’s nice to get free food.

viewer mail, issue #10

It’s time for another installment of viewer mail!  Let’s open up the ol’ mailbag.  As always, we are taking actual search terms used to find this site, and/or questions submitted via the “Contact Us” form on the homepage.  Then we add our unique analysis and commentary, and it’s always a good time.  Let’s begin…

  • arby’s all you can eat — Capital idea!  Those beef ‘n cheddar melts are good, and having an unlimited supply of those and Arby’s curly fries would be most excellent!  I posited this idea to the Buffet o’ Blog staff, and Turtle Dundee said, “Arby’s all you can eat would be made of pure awesome, and would result in the eating of every cow in Texas and every curly potato in Idaho.”  Someone should suggest this to the higher powers at Arby’s.
  • bear attackingturn homemade bread into a bear — I… I… I don’t know what to say.  (But that’s never stopped me.)  For one, I don’t think it’s possible, at least according to the current laws of physics.  Second, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THIS?  Bread is a good thing (while still fresh) — you can make sammiches and burgers with it, and you can cover it with gravy.  Bears will kill you.  Now, I suppose that bears are edible, if you trim away much fat and then tenderize/boil the meat for many hours, but the bread is already food, so why do you want to do this?  The only thing I can think of is if you’re going to buy all the sliced bread you can and then create an army of bears to conquer the world.  But I’d rather you not do that.
  • why does mexican food cause headache — It does?!?  Since when?  If this is happening to you, then either you’ve got some really bad Mexican food or you’re allergic to it.  My own research* has revealed that Mexican food makes you feel better.  (* I eat Mexican food at least once per week, so I have extensively researched this one!)  So if you’re getting a headache every time, you need to switch restaurants.  Because there’s nothing inherently wrong with cheese enchiladas, chicken burritos, chicken tacos, chile rellenos, tostadas, and cheese dip.  I would eat this kind of food nearly every day if I still had a metabolism…
  • dealing with too much gas — Speaking of Mexican food…  🙂  This happens to us all, doesn’t it?  Sometimes you just have a lot of flatulence.  Well, since the issue is that there is a lot of gaseous pressure inside you, the only way to resolve it is to let it out.  (Now wasn’t that simple?)  I know, sometimes you’re in a public place and some people get offended way too easily, but you have to ask yourself — would you rather be uncomfortable or would you rather they be uncomfortable?  For me, the decision is easy to make.
  • throwing pies — Does this ever happen anymore?  If it does, I never see it.  I have seen it happen a bunch on The Three Stooges, and it always looked like a good time.  Even those aristocratic type people would get involved, once they got past their initial default offendedness.  I think there should be a place where this is the norm, as I have written about before.
  • can ice cream cure headaches? — I’ve never heard that it does, but it makes the pain easier to bear.  Perhaps I should research this one…
  • how to build a billion dollar palace — This one’s easy — get a billion dollars!  🙂  Really, that’s what it’s going to take, or at least close to a billion dollars.  You aren’t going to build one of those by hand.  And if you have a billion dollars, builders and architects will build just about anything you can dream of.  So your question has a really simple answer.  Just don’t ask me how to get a billion dollars, because I’m still researching that one.
  • how can someone just leave — This is another really easy one.  Just watch…