caption contest, giant digging machine

This photo for this week’s caption contest features a giant digging machine.  It’s a little different in that people don’t play a prominent role in this photo.  But nonetheless there are many humorous captions that can be applied here.  The trick is to use your imagination and create context for it.  Write your own background for the story if necessary.  Or find a way to tie it into an existing news story or movie.

giant digging machine

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13 thoughts on “caption contest, giant digging machine

  1. Fab

    The makers of the new “Transformers” movie went a little overboard with the new character Digamus Prime.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Many accused it of being overkill, but Gargamel was going to get those Smurfs one way or another.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Upon nearing the UFO landing scene, Bob started to doubt the aliens’ claims of coming in peace…

  4. jon

    i know what it looks like but i sweeeaaaar.. its for digging dont look at the bodies in the background look at me i promise

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