funny pictures, episode 1

Today I’m gonna show you some funny pictures.  I have quite a stash of them in my inventory, and everyone likes seeing funny pictures, right?  [All together now: “YAY!”]

This isn’t an official caption contest, but that doesn’t matter.  If you think of something funny to add to these pics in way of a caption, have at it.  Share the humor.  That way, instead of just you laughing, countless untold dozens of people get to laugh also.  Maybe somebody will even go so far as to think you’re funny!  (It could happen…)

FYI, some of them you might be able to click on to access a larger version.  Now, on to the pictures!  Ready… set… SCROLL!

Perhaps this should be retitled "Magazine for Wussy Men"...
Perhaps this should be retitled "Magazine for Wussy Men"...
I have no idea what's going on here...
I have no idea what's going on here...


I know some people who should sign up...
I know some people who should sign up...
Obviously fake, but it would be awesome if he had one.
Obviously fake, but it would be awesome if he had one.
Here is a time to be bipartisan...
Here is a time to be bipartisan...

That concludes our introductory pilot episode of funny pictures.  I’m creating a category for it, so you can click on it to quickly find the other ones (later).  Also of note, there have been funny pictures posted previously, particularly in the “Say What?” caption contests.

9 thoughts on “funny pictures, episode 1

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Can you imagine if Obama grew an afro like that, and then was ever put on a dollar bill? His afro would fill the entire circle reserved for the mugshot. That would be awesome!

    (Of course, I’m not saying Obama should be on a dollar bill… this is all hypothetical, and if you’re getting offended at my rambling, you need to get a life.)

  2. hoof hearted

    In regards to the L.A. man and his dead father: What does he need karate lessons for? Is he planning revenge on said ninjas? I’m pretty sure ninjas use swords and other various weapons of distruction, so he’ll need to achieve at least a black belt in order to compete. And where is he going to find the time to get a black belt when all his time is spent panhandling in order to fund his karate education? These are some things to consider before putting any money in his hat!

  3. Thomas Wayne

    RE: the LA man, yeah, there’s some logical inconsistencies. It takes many a moon to develop ninja-quality skills.

    But if he would sign up for my Rex Kwan Do self-defense system, in just one week he’d be prepared to defend himself with the strength of a grizzly, the reflexes of a puma, and the wisdom of a man.

  4. MangoMan

    hey TW i’ve see you move… you forgot to mention “the speed of molasses, and the Brains of a dodo (as in the extinct bird) 🙂

  5. Thomas Wayne

    No, no, NO! MangoMan, once again you’ve become discombobulated with stupidity. What you don’t know is that when you saw me, I was inburrito, so no one would recognize me. So I wasn’t using my advanced and highly-skilled powers at that time. If I were to flex my The-Cheat-like speed in normal situations, most folks couldn’t handle it.

    And you don’t know nothin’ about a Dodo bird. You’re just making stuff up. Thus I conclude that you’ve got the brains of a doodoo (as in crap).

    BTW, I can eat molasses pretty quick… slop it on some hot dinner rolls… mmm…

  6. MangoMan

    don’t even start talking your smack TW… the “Important Molasses Expert” is correct! I think molassis is indeed faster than you! 🙂 Where was this so called ‘speed’ yesterday at lunch when you couldn’t even finish your *gallon of tea and I had to help you out (after completing my own of course) speed? pshhh! sound more like a ‘woman excuse’ to me!

    *btw it was AWESOME that they brought us our own gallon at LA!

  7. Pierre

    For the 2ns photo, it’s sort of like a competition in celebration of the Indonesian Independence day. People allover Indonesia, especially in Java, held this kind of festivals with many competitions in them. One of them is the “panjat pinang” or “the pinang pole climb”, where they hooked up prizes (usually coupons that can be exchange with the prizes but sometimes they put the real stuff like bikes, tvs, other electronics stuff etc) on the top end of the pole. Then the participants will race and try to be the first to climb the pole that is covered by grease to claim the prizes. The aim is for the participants to work together to get the prizes and share between them but there are some “cowboys” that alway try get the prizes all for himself and stepped on people’s faces to get them.

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