Why is the economy still a debacle?

As you know, the U.S. economy has been in bad shape for a while now, and the government just issued a $700 billion bailout to fix the mess.  But I’m hearing in the news that things are still bad on the economic front.  I don’t understand…

I realize these corporations are huge and complicated, but how long should it take to feel the effects of billions of dollars?  I can envision it helping really quick.  (Just imagine if you were given a billion dollars, how long it would take to fix your economic problems.)

The government gave these billions of dollars to the financial experts, the people who have been in the industry for years, the people who run the critical companies — the mortgage lenders, the big banks, the insurers, the credit card issuers, etc.  These are the people who have the authority in their companies to make the difficult decisions, to make a difference.  These people are paid big bucks to know what they’re doing.  These people are… um… the people who… uhh… got us into this mess in the first place…  OH, NO!  WHAT HAVE WE DONE???

5 thoughts on “Why is the economy still a debacle?

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I tell ya, if I had a billion dollar bailout, the effects would be seen near-immediately! Within minutes, food deliveries would be showing up at my door. And I’d get one of those ice cream dispensers installed next to my recliner. And I’d have all-you-can-eat nachos available at all times, along with “extra” toppings like chili and bacon. And there would always be fresh sweet tea.

    I’d also upgrade my home theater and gaming circumstances, no doubt.

    And of course I’d invite friends over, to partake of the goodness.

    There’s a lot I’d do, too much to list here. But it would all be awesome!

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Also as part of my bailout, I’d hire ninjas to be my personal security staff. That way I’d have an entourage of protection, but no one would know about it. 🙂

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Ironically, some people on the news today were praising Obama for helping the economy, even before he has taken office.

    Also ironically, his spoken plans are using some of the same techniques Bush has been using to get us out of this mess. I imagine he’s learning that making a great speech during a campaign is a LOT different from making actual policy changes while in office. It’s easy to say how you’d fix it, but actually making it happen is another story.

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