funny Taco Bell commercials

The other day I came across a few Taco Bell commercials, and they’ve had a few classic ones.  Some are funny, and some bring back the memories.  So I’m gonna share a few with you, and they’re embedded in this post, for your viewing convenience.

The first video is a Taco Bell ad from 1989-90 featuring MC Hammer.  It’s actually kinda neat.

There’s a chance that the next ones will be even more generic, so proceed at your own risk.  🙂

This next Taco Bell commercial is from 1979 and it looks and sounds like it.  But the song is actually kinda catchy: “TacaTacaTaco Bell!” — “The Fresh Food Place!”

But wait, there’s more!  This one is from 1984.

Next is one from the early 1990s, and this one brings back the memories of when they had good MexiMelts.

Someday, the next generation of people will look back at 2011 and think our current commercials are generic.

Speaking of generic… you don’t even have to go back a few decades.  The newest Taco Bell commercial features “Buddy Mignon” singing lounge music at a piano, about the new Quad Steak Burrito.  It’s already generic and it’s not even dated yet.  (Perhaps it’s a parody of their old commercials.)

That’s all for now.  I don’t want to overwhelm anybody with too much genericness at one time.  And don’t worry about quality control here — the next post is already in the works and will be even better!

Thank you, drive thru…

funny pictures, episode 1

Today I’m gonna show you some funny pictures.  I have quite a stash of them in my inventory, and everyone likes seeing funny pictures, right?  [All together now: “YAY!”]

This isn’t an official caption contest, but that doesn’t matter.  If you think of something funny to add to these pics in way of a caption, have at it.  Share the humor.  That way, instead of just you laughing, countless untold dozens of people get to laugh also.  Maybe somebody will even go so far as to think you’re funny!  (It could happen…)

FYI, some of them you might be able to click on to access a larger version.  Now, on to the pictures!  Ready… set… SCROLL!

Perhaps this should be retitled "Magazine for Wussy Men"...
Perhaps this should be retitled "Magazine for Wussy Men"...
I have no idea what's going on here...
I have no idea what's going on here...


I know some people who should sign up...
I know some people who should sign up...
Obviously fake, but it would be awesome if he had one.
Obviously fake, but it would be awesome if he had one.
Here is a time to be bipartisan...
Here is a time to be bipartisan...

That concludes our introductory pilot episode of funny pictures.  I’m creating a category for it, so you can click on it to quickly find the other ones (later).  Also of note, there have been funny pictures posted previously, particularly in the “Say What?” caption contests.

weird McDonald’s commercials

You’ve probably seen the commercials with the Burger King King, right?  Well, for those of you who think he’s creepy (and he is), take a look at the first ever McDonald’s commercial, featuring Ronald McDonald.  He’s quite creepy here, in his original form.

Man, that was terrible!  He’s wearing his food, and his dancing is not cool / hip / trendy, even for back then.  Anyway, let’s move on.  I’ve found some other old McDonald’s commercials that you probably don’t remember.  (I know I don’t remember them all, because some were aired before I was born.)  BTW, this post may look long because of the video links, but the commercials aren’t very long, so hang in there.  This may be more amusing than you expect.

Here’s a McDonald’s commercial from 1971, featuring McDonaldland, which got shut down because of a lawsuit.  Poor Mayor McCheese, never to be seen again!

Did you notice Ronald’s afro?  It was the ’70s, I guess.  Was he wearing bell bottoms?  I’m not gonna watch it again to see, because that music gives me gas.

In this next video, Hamburglar has the Magic Touch to turn everything into cheeseburgers.  It’s definitely stupid, and you might want to watch it for nostalgia’s sake, but then you’ll realize it was really lame, and you’ll wonder why you ever thought the Hamburglar was cool, except that he had a cool name.

Plus, in that video, notice the Hamburlgar brought out a big plate of burgers, and they weren’t even wrapped.  Do you know why they weren’t wrapped?  Because he stole them!  That’s what he does!  He turned to a life of crime, to steal hamburgers from McDonalds.  But do Ronald and Grimace care?  Apparently not.  After all, he is sharing his stolen hamburgers with them.  Which would make Ronald McDonald a criminal, because he becomes an accomplice.  So he shouldn’t be selling products to kids!  Crazy stuff…

In this next video, we learn that Grimace is an evil criminal also.   His name is E. Grimace, and apparently the E is for Evil.  He stole all the cups from McDonalds, meaning kids can’t have cokes or triple-thick shakes.   So what does Ronald do?  He tricks (deceives / lies to) Grimace to distract him so they can steal the cups back and take them back to McDonalds for use.  Something just doesn’t seem right about that.  And speaking of what ain’t right, what kind of creature is Grimace?  He’s a blob with several arms / legs / appendages.  He’s kinda creepy in this video, and looks obnoxiously dumb.

This next commercial is a departure from the McDonaldland theme, where workers sing about how clean the “burger machine” is and how much fun it is to clean and scrub the floor.  Sorry, but this just isn’t realistic…  Of course, I did no research on such things back in 1970 (because I wasn’t born), but I doubt fast-food restaurants were ever that clean nor that workers actually enjoyed cleaning them.

Do you remember the McNuggets from 1985, and how they could talk and sing and bounce around and even play the drums?   If you do remember without watching the video, you should overwrite that wasted memory with something productive.  Anyway, this is lame.  And watch out for bad puns!

You might have noticed a pirate near the end.  That was Captain Crook (whose parents really pigeonholed him into a career with that name!).  He tried to steal Filet-O-Fish sandwiches while avoiding capture by Big Mac, the chief of police in McDonaldland.  I reckon the producers figured you could have different characters stealing different types of food.

Well, that concludes our journey into the history of McDonald’s commercials.  Did anybody learn anything?

Thank you, drive thru…

Here comes X-Guy to save the company!

There’s this company called Acxiom that has created a new mascot for marketing purposes.  They are calling him X-Guy.  (It used to be X-Man, but that was probably too close to lawsuit territory.)  Anyway, on the company homepage, there’s a flash video where he appears to rescue a marketer who is sitting at his computer in a cubicle.  If you’re thinking that sounds lame, you would be right, but that’s what makes it amusing.

While I normally applaud the use of humor by corporations and other professional groups, I’m thinking this particular methodology probably isn’t the best marketing strategy for a company that is in the information technology (IT) sector.  This is a company with $1.4 billion in annual revenue, yet this is how they are promoting their “X” brand.  They even issued a press release to announce their new website design.  (I don’t know why…)  Regardless of whether it’s a good strategy or not, they did it, so check it out and have a laugh.

Here’s the link : Acxiom homepage.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do not work for this company.  But I am somewhat familiar with it, for various reasons.