How to have fun at a Pumpkin fest

I get a e-mail about once a week spotlighting various vacation destinations or places to visit.

The most recent is about the Circleville Pumpkin Show that is held each year in Circleville Ohio. (read more here if you are interested)

The festival features hog calling, pumpkin throwing, and pie eating contests; a Miss Pumpkin parade and pageant; cooking and crafts demonstrations; and live music, all attracting over 400,000 visitors. But the stars of the show are enormous pumpkins, with last year’s largest weighing in at 1,524.5 pounds. Not to be outdone by the farmers, town bakers produce “the world’s largest pumpkin pie”—over six feet in diameter and weighing more than 400 pounds!”

Now you may be wondering why I’m talking about some pumpkin festival and not finding a topic that would seem more interesting.

here’s why… its this picture taken of the festival.

I can’t help but think… “man oh man, what i wouldn’t give to drive a monster truck through all that!!!” or at least a 4-wheeler!!! that would be crazy mad fun!

I vote we set this up as an event here in Arkansas, like they do the monster truck shows, we could sell tickets and everything! I bet people would pay good money to come watch vehicles smash and drive through thousands of pumpkins.

sounds like great fun for me! and We should hold it in the fall in honor of halloween or thanksgiving.

mmm… Thanksgiving… thinking about that makes me hungry!

One thought on “How to have fun at a Pumpkin fest

  1. Important Doctor

    You could also hold a version of demolition derby. Each truck drags around a giant pumpkin, and all the other trucks are trying to smash the pumpkins on the other trucks. The last pumpkin standing (so to speak) wins!

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