carving pumpkins with guns

It’s that time of year when people carve up pumpkins to make jack o’lanterns for Halloween.  Traditionally this is done with a knife, but some people choose to think outside the box and have a little more fun with it.

One guy who calls himself Hickok45 uses various guns to “carve” his pumpkins.  In one video, he used a Glock .40 caliber:

In another video he used an Arsenal SGL 21 (7.62X39) to make a jack o’lantern.

He has many other shooting videos, like using an Uzi to blow up 50 two-liter sodas.  It was neat to see them exploding in slow-motion.  (This reminds me, it’s been way too long since I’ve shot stuff for fun.)  He shoots barrels full of water with historical guns, like the WWII German subgun, the MP40, then uses his 10mm pistol to finish it off.  So far, he has 702 videos, with over 93 million total video views.  That’s probably well over the amount where you start getting paid by YouTube for your videos.  That’s the kind of job I need!

a new jack o’lantern for Halloween

Once again it’s the Halloween season.   Well, not really a season, because it’s just one day of trick-or-treat, but I suppose some folks do lots of decorating for it.  It seems like the “spooky” decorating is becoming more rampant each year.  But I digress…

Are you going to go to the most sincere pumpkin patch to wait for the Great Pumpkin?  Each Halloween night, he rises out of the pumpkin patch to scare little children, er, I mean, to give them candy and presents.  That’s what I hear anyway.  I haven’t ever been to one of those sincere pumpkin patches.  Maybe I’m not sensitive enough to know if one is sincere.  Whatever…  Let’s get to the point of this story…  I’m digressing again…

One Halloween holiday tradition I’m trying to get started is putting a flaming pumpkin of poop on someone’s front porch.  I mentioned this a while back, but it has yet to catch on for some reason.  I know, creating a jack-o-lantern out of poop is not ideal, so here’s an update (consider it version 2.0).  Take a standard jack o’lantern (however you want to spell it), and cover it with poop.  Take it to a friend’s porch.  Then you set it on fire.  It’s a guaranteed good time!

Some of the staff here voted and nominated Mango-Man’s house as the first place to try out this new Halloween decoration.  I’m sure it’ll draw trick-or-treaters to his house, with all the bright fire on his pumpkin.  He’ll have to let us know how it turns out.  🙂

carving a pumpkin with power tools

How does a REAL man carve a pumpkin???  With POWER TOOLS of course!!!

What does a chainsaw, drill, shop vac, palm nailer, power chisel, and torch have in common? Chris Grundy uses them all to carve a pumpkin for Halloween!

I recently spotted this video (click here) on the web site and it nearly made me laugh out loud!!!

This guy is COOL!!! This is how power tools were meant to be used!

Why didn’t *I* think of this?

How to have fun at a Pumpkin fest

I get a e-mail about once a week spotlighting various vacation destinations or places to visit.

The most recent is about the Circleville Pumpkin Show that is held each year in Circleville Ohio. (read more here if you are interested)

The festival features hog calling, pumpkin throwing, and pie eating contests; a Miss Pumpkin parade and pageant; cooking and crafts demonstrations; and live music, all attracting over 400,000 visitors. But the stars of the show are enormous pumpkins, with last year’s largest weighing in at 1,524.5 pounds. Not to be outdone by the farmers, town bakers produce “the world’s largest pumpkin pie”—over six feet in diameter and weighing more than 400 pounds!”

Now you may be wondering why I’m talking about some pumpkin festival and not finding a topic that would seem more interesting.

here’s why… its this picture taken of the festival.

I can’t help but think… “man oh man, what i wouldn’t give to drive a monster truck through all that!!!” or at least a 4-wheeler!!! that would be crazy mad fun!

I vote we set this up as an event here in Arkansas, like they do the monster truck shows, we could sell tickets and everything! I bet people would pay good money to come watch vehicles smash and drive through thousands of pumpkins.

sounds like great fun for me! and We should hold it in the fall in honor of halloween or thanksgiving.

mmm… Thanksgiving… thinking about that makes me hungry!