our buffet o’ bacon

Last night I had the entire Buffet o’ Blog staff at my house, and we created a Buffet o’ Bacon.  There was regular crispy bacon, baked bacon-wrapped smokies with BBQ sauce (which were awesome!), shish-ka-bobs with bacon, ham, and cheese, and there was some bacon-wrapped croissants.  It even got a little crazy when someone put candy corn on some of the bacon-wrapped croissants before putting them in the oven.

Needless to say, we had a great time.  We shared our unique analysis of the second presidential debate (and it’s too bad our discussion wasn’t recorded for a podcast), and we did some multiplayer network gaming (to build an empire and conquer the world), and we ate lots of bacon.

I do have to say the bacon-wrapped croissants didn’t turn out as well as expected.  Here’s a picture before cooking, when it seemed like a good idea:

The problem was, most of the croissants absorbed all of the bacon grease, and thus were quite “heavy”.  We’re gonna have a talk with that “Important Doctor” that frequents this blog, because he’s talked of using bacon grease in your diet, and there’s some flaws with that plan.   I still think the bacon and cheese plan might work, as long as you drain the bacon grease.

Ironically, the ones with the candy corn turned out pretty good.  The candy melted and most of it ran off, and the bacon grease drained off some, too.  So what was left was like a cracker with bacon and a honey glaze.

All in all, that evening was the awesome!  I do think we’ll have to do this again…

13 thoughts on “our buffet o’ bacon

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Mmm… bacon! Only one thing smells like bacon and that’s BACON!!!

    If there’s not a National Bacon Week, you should start it.

  2. Mango-Man

    It truly saddens me to announce that I have discovered the DARK SIDE OF BACON…
    I partook of The buffet-o-bacon that fateful night
    My findings are as follows:
    regular crispy bacon … GOOD
    bacon-wrapped smokies with bbq sauce … GOOD!
    shish-ka-bobs with bacon, ham, and Cheese … GOOD!!
    croissant pieces (triscuits) topped with bacon and candy corn … (surprisingly) GOOD!!!
    double bacon wrapped croissants… VERY VERY BAD!!!

    now I’m not saying they tasted bad per se’… but the fact that (as referenced in the post) all the grease from the bacon was instantly absorbed (along with the runoff grease of the triscuits) made for a combination hard to describe and resulted in what I will hereafter only refer to as “the gut-bomb”.
    problem #1 the bacon did not get crispy and was left in a chewy rubbery state.
    problem #2 the abundance of grease prevented the croissants from ‘breading’ what was left was a gelatinous doughy conglomeration with interesting texture (reminiscent of the filling in a Twinkie… yet not nearly so appetizing… think grease and flour),
    although I must admit that stuffing a few candy corn into the center helped the flavor of this ‘gut bomb’ immensely!
    problem #3 it literally ‘sat’ very heavy on the stomach.
    problem #4 the ‘dark side of bacon’… sadly I cannot go into detail about the specifics of my findings, but suffice it to say that it kicked in a bit ‘later’, and the force was very strong! Very strong indeed! The resulting aftermath of said ‘gut bomb’ will leave one weak, confused, and crying for your mommy!

    I’ve often heard the question posed “Is there anything that doesn’t taste better with bacon?” late late that dreadful night ,while sitting a ‘a room’ alone, I found the answer that question… YES, there are just somethings better left alone and untried, and un-repeated.

    that is all I have to say.

  3. Baco-nator

    I heard you guys are in need of a national holiday to celebrate the goodness of the greatness of bacon. I hereby declare and henceforth proclaim october as national bacon month!!!!

    rejoice and eat with caution. a surgeon general’s warning is to follow this announcement..

  4. General Surgeon

    Research has show that bacon in large quantities wrapped around a doughy treat will cause major discomfort to “bodily functions”.

    Eat Bacon Responsibly. 🙂

  5. Thomas Wayne

    I heard where someone who worked as a pizza cook once took some bacon strips, battered them, deep-fried them, and used them as pizza toppings. He said it was “both gut-curdling and awesome”. I don’t have any reason to disbelieve that testimony…

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  7. Thomas Wayne

    I was actually talking to someone today who was talking about dipping their biscuit in bacon grease for added flavor, and they said to prevent the build-up from that, you should take some extra fiber with it.

    He did say you have to be careful with the quantities, as the results may be unpredictable and undesirable if you get the quantities wrong.

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