recreation of original Punch-Out

There is a new version of the original Punch-Out!! coming to the Nintendo Wii!  As you probably recall, this was originally released on the first Nintendo, the NES, as Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and was one of the best games on that system.  And, the original game is still fun.

This is a recreation of the original game, using updated graphics and using the Wii’s motion controls, so it has a lot of potential.

Here’s the first trailer for the new Punch-Out!!

Of course, this new version has a lot to live up to, with high expectations.  But hopefully the developers will keep the fun of the original while updating it.

It is scheduled to be released in Spring 2009.

I’m looking forward to it!  I don’t think it can be better than the original, but if they can make it anywhere close to as good as the original, it will be awesome!

2 thoughts on “recreation of original Punch-Out

  1. Kri'

    Ohhh GREAT!! That’s all I needed! Another reason to shell out the money and finally make myself buy one of these things!

    This looks like a game I’m gonna hafta get… no choice in the matter…

  2. Beppo

    FYI, it is fun like the original. They really nailed it. It’s fun, and it really brings back the memories, but they’ve added just enough to make it challenging even for people who mastered the original.

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