evil fake meat

Some grocery stores are now selling a meatless meat product called seitan.  It’s made from wheat, and is supposed to be better than tofu in all ways.  Some call it “wheat meat” — that would be a much better name than seitan.  FYI, seitan is pronounced like satan.  That’s definitely not an association they want to make!  Surely they could’ve come up with a better name for it…

4 thoughts on “evil fake meat

  1. Not a Chef, but stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    Quick FYI: If it didn’t come from dead animals , it’s not meat.

    And better than tofu?? I could fart in a bag, and that’s better than tofu!

  2. birdpress

    Do they make gluten-free seitan? If they did, I bet it would be one of the healthiest things you could eat. The way you can tell is because it sounds really, really gross.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    There’s no doubt that this seitan isn’t actually meat. I also figure it’s pretty safe to say it doesn’t taste like meat. And gluten-free seitan sounds like it would taste really, really gross…

    I’ll just stick to real meat.

  4. Pink Sugar

    I know this is an old post, but it pops up in a Google search for gluten-free. So … I’d just like to say two things about the comments above:

    “Meat” doesn’t always mean “dead animal”. The edible part of seeds is called meat, too.

    And secondly … no, they would never make a “gluten-free” form of seitan because it IS vital wheat gluten. Gluten free seitan would be an empty package.

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