Is Wrestling Fake?

In the world of wrestling there is much speculation concerning whether or not it is real.

Die hard wrestling fanatics would say that it is absolutely, positively real, and they revel in the drama that unfolds at each match.

Yet the casual observer watching a match on television may notice some things that seem out of place. Punches being thrown but not landed, Faces contort with agony when nothing has even happened to them yet. (in other words wrestler 1 is reaching up to grab is face even before wrestler 2 has punched him).

So the question is posed… is wrestling fake?

What happens when thousands of screaming fans are in the arena expecting a fight and one of the wrestlers doesn’t show?

Well in the world of wrestling the lack of an opponent is not a show-stopper…

after all… the show must go on.
watch this video and decide for yourself if wrestling is fake.

Do you have an opinion? Please share.

evil fake meat

Some grocery stores are now selling a meatless meat product called seitan.  It’s made from wheat, and is supposed to be better than tofu in all ways.  Some call it “wheat meat” — that would be a much better name than seitan.  FYI, seitan is pronounced like satan.  That’s definitely not an association they want to make!  Surely they could’ve come up with a better name for it…