a new Tower Defense game

There’s a new Tower Defense game, by same people who made the infamous Desktop Tower Defense that we linked to.  It’s different from the original in several ways.  There is only one path, and you build various towers along the edges of that path.  And there are 10 different kinds of towers.  Also, there are tokens, which can unlock more towers, and you can also do dares and double dares.  A dare gives all creeps of that round 2X hit points, and the double dare gives them 4X hit points plus faster speed.  You can get a lot of extra points if you pull that off.  Also, there are “elements” on the screen, at the end of the path.  If the creeps get to the end of the path, they will steal your elements, but they have to go back through your maze to escape.  If they make it through, you lose that element (and the ability to build that kind of tower, until you buy it back).  It sounds somewhat more complicated than before, and perhaps it is, but it’s still easy once you play a game.

The creeps make audible statements, but you can disable that under options.  (I recommend it, because one group of them occasionally use words that aren’t good.)  Also, the game can last a while (if you’re as good as me, anyway), so note that there is a fast-forward button which lasts through that round (although you can disable it before then).

In my first game, I got to Level 42 before losing an element, which I then bought back.  But Level 50 will make you wonder, once it gets going…  I beat the easy one (Wiggles) on my first try, getting 28,864.  I realize that will be broken by some of you, but it was my first game, and I had to figure out what was going on.  (And maybe I should’ve read the directions first.)  My second game I got 38,340 (which will also be broken, I’m sure).  On the 2nd map (which is harder difficulty), I got 24,153, to the 50th level.

Use group BuffetoBlog to put your high scores on the same board.  (After you create a login ID, be sure to login before playing so your scores will post under the same user ID.)

Here’s the link : Flash Element TD 2.  Be forewarned that this is an addictive game…  🙂

6 thoughts on “a new Tower Defense game

  1. Mango-Man

    my first attempt (level 1) I got 40,445 points… I’m sure this will easily be beatable as well being as my score is on page 73… 🙂

  2. Not a Master, but stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    I played the game three times, but did not post a score because it seemed to think I needed to create an account there first. I thought I didn’t.

    Score #1 28,101 and a win
    Score #2 57k and change and a win
    Score #3 84,501 and I only made it to level 44

  3. Thomas Wayne

    I would have the high score, but I’ve got too much stuff to do…

    Besides, I have nothing to prove… My coolness knows no bounds, and putting some towers on a map doesn’t change that at all.

  4. Holiday Inn Express

    I’m pretty sure there’s some cheating going on in the high scores for this game. I was curious what the top score was and this is what I found –
    #1 108,769,945
    #2 63,737,488
    #3 453,466

    I think I may beleive the #3 score, but the other two are certainly cheaters.

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