Beware of Koala Bandit’s

I read somewhere the other day that the finger prints of koalas are virtually indistiguishible from humans. So much so that “that they could be confused at a crime scene”. Of course this peaked my interest so I set out to find the truth! I scoured the internet for what seemed like 5 or 10 minutes blissfully unaware that I was still on the clock at work. At long last I found that apparently it’s true! (read about it here). And Gorillas prints are also very similiar to humans. that got me to thinking… what would happen if a there were ever a raging band a koala bandits on the loose? The police would likely never apprehend them, I mean who would ever suspect a cute little koala could be a master thief. Also I bet they could hide all kinds of stuff up their tree’s or in gorilla caves. I don’t know about you, but now that I have this information the next time a koala comes strolling along i’m going to keep my eyes on them! Also be warned that they can be extremely dangerous. The dictionary defines them as something that “eats shoots and leaves” so i’m guessing that not only can they be a master thief but they may be armed as well. You can consider yourself warned!

2 thoughts on “Beware of Koala Bandit’s

  1. Thomas Wayne

    What about squirrels? I think there’s some squirrel bandits on the loose. The last house I lived at had several pecan trees, and squirrels would steal my pecans and hide them in the trees. Sometimes they would even throw the pecans at me! The police would do nothing about it, either. Perhaps it’s because their fingerprints won’t match up well…

    We can’t just let animals run rampant, breaking the law whenever they feel like it! We need to draft up some general laws for animals, and put it into their language, so they can’t claim ignorance. Somebody should do this… maybe those PETA people — they want animals to have ethics and stuff…

  2. Mango-Man

    wasn’t there a previous gripe about fwc’s? (furry woodland creatures or something like that) if so, I think i’m detecting a trend… maybe something SHOULD be done!

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