World Air Guitar Competition

air guitarYes you read that right!  Apparently Air guitar is taking the world by storm.  The are currently 17 countries that host “National Air Guitar Competitions” with the winners going to the “World Air Guitar Championships” in Finland to compete where one of them is “hailed as the Air Guitar World Champion, the master of an invisible instrument”.    Ironically the main prize for winning this competion is an ‘actual’ guitar.  According to the AGWC (Air Guitar  world championship) website ” Air Guitar is all about surrendering to the music without having an actual instrument. ”  Of course certain rules must be adhered to in order to ‘compete’.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

1) “The instrument of an Air Guitar player must be invisible, i.e. air.”
2)”An Air Guitarist may play an electric guitar or an acoustic one – or both.”

 acoustic or electric??? lets not forget that they are playing air! 🙂

3) “Personal Air Roadies are allowed. ”

4) “An Air Guitar player may use a real pick or play by strumming or finger picking.”

To view some video clips of the 2006 competition click here. 

All in all it looks like a good time is had by all. 

I quite enjoyed some of the video clips… hilarous stuff… at least to me as there is nothing quite like seeing grown men run & jump around a stage surrounded by thousands of screaming fans while they ‘rock’ the house playing AIR GUITAR!

*Please note I did not see anything inappropriate on these pages but as this is not my website view at your own risk)

2 thoughts on “World Air Guitar Competition

  1. Thomas Wayne

    That sounds like a good idea… we could make a weekend out of it. We’ll start with a chili cook-off, then the next day have the flatulence competition. Points would be awarded for the length of the fart, the loudness of it, and the uniqueness of it. I suppose there could be a category of smell, but I would not be a judge for that one!

    This sounds like a good time. Someone should make this happen…

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