Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Someone told me about a uniquely-named product : Anti Monkey Butt Powder.  It’s for people who get chafed from activities like motorcycling, bicycling, horseback riding, etc.  It absorbs sweat and reduces friction and irritation.  The name comes from the monkeys with exposed buttocks.  Apparently some people use this term to describe chafing and soreness, but I’ve never heard it around here.

This is a real product, not something we imagined.  It is manufactured by Anti Monkey Butt Corporation.  (How is that for a unique name? Imagine putting that on your business card…) even sells this product, for $5.95.  Someone in the reviews there said it “can be dangerous if inhaled… believe me.”  Even without their disclaimer, it seems like a bad idea to inhale a product with a name like that.

Why am I telling you this?  It’s such a unique and humorous name.  And, as you might guess, this makes a great (prank) gift.  🙂  I can see this being a funny choice for a “dirty Santa” gift.

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