a different kind of share-a-thon

It’s time for our 2007 Spring Share-A-Thon, but this is unlike any other fundraiser you’ve ever been part of.  We are not asking for money!  Believe it… or not.  At this time, Buffet o’ Blog is a not-for-profit blog, where we don’t have any ads nor do we sell you useless crap nor do we beg and plead for money.  We provide humor for our readers at no charge whatsoever.  So why would we even bother to have a Share-A-Thon?  Let me explain…

Our purpose is to make people laugh more, because laughing is good for your health, and it makes the world a better place.  But if people don’t visit our site, our efforts are less productive.  So we are asking you to tell at least one person about the blog this week.  Surely almost all our regular readers can think of one person among their family and friends who would appreciate the brand of humor here.  So all we ask you to do is tell them about it.  That way our readership increases, and as more people participate in the comments, it becomes even more fun.  And you get to help make the world a better place.

That wasn’t so bad was it?  At least we didn’t ask you to give your “best gift” or to “plant a $1000 seed”.  🙂  No one is required to give us money.  (We’re just generous that way, sharing out of the abundance of humor in our hearts.)  Of course, if anyone would like to voluntarily donate money or cookies or nachos, we do accept donations.  🙂  But we don’t expect any.

Did you know this blog is the greatest thing compared to sliced bread?  There’s no way you can have as much fun with sliced bread (although covering it with gravy is good, but you can’t eat 24/7, and this blog is always up).  And it was once voted the #1 humor website!  (Granted, that was a small group voting, but we’ll take what we can get.)  And we’ve had some great testimonials, like, “Your blog is really funny!”  We could go on, but we’ll quit tooting our own horn now.  You can see for yourself by perusing the blog.

So tell all your friends.  And laugh even more than you have been…

2 thoughts on “a different kind of share-a-thon

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I like your blog better than sliced bread… especially that healthy kind that has rocks & sticks in the crust. I don’t know who thought of that stuff, but I don’t want my bread crunchy!

    I told a friend. I’m doing my part to make the world a better place. Yep…

  2. Beppo

    Maybe we need to have another one of these… Traffic is up, but I’d like for traffic to grow even more. Plus, it would be making the world a better place. Studies show that laughing adds years to your life, so reading this blog is good for your health!

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