“Dreaming as a Goal.”

check out this short article (attached in full below, but it is found here)

“Every Monday this month we focus on some fun and healthy goals to consider in this New Year!A healthy (and inspiring) goal for 2007: Embrace daydreaming. Harnessing the power of visual imagination is an efficient and enjoyable way to activate the relaxation response. Try picturing a place from your past, where you felt happy, secure, and peaceful. Then imagine yourself there, making all the sensory impressions – smells, sounds, sights – as sharp as possible. Daydreaming is a simple, cost-effective way to feel happier and calmer in no time” 

Well… there we have it folks…  It’s official…  I have just set my new-years resolution…

“Dreaming as a Goal.” This year I hereby pledge to daydream more! being it is a “simple, cost-effective way to feel happier and calmer”.   In order to obtain and maintain Maximum relaxation… I feel i’ll need to do this at the top of every hour… for at least 30 minutes or so.  If my boss happens to catch me I just tell them that i’m following the lastest cutting-edge health advice!  since it IS a goal i wonder If I should add this to my list of objectives and accomplishments?  I think I’ll put it just after “take more naps during the day” and before “take plenty of breaks”.  What do you think?  what are some other ‘goals’ you’ve set for yourself this year? you can either post here or at the ‘new years resolution 2007’ post. found (here)

2 thoughts on ““Dreaming as a Goal.”

  1. Mango-Man

    I took your advice… I too used the ideas above for my years objectives. well… I just had my quarterly performance review & judging by their response it was none too positive. Next year my goal will be to not be so honest.

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