I’d make a good fat guy

Today I came across a headline called I’d Make A Good Fat Guy.  It’s a neat perspective.  It’s easy to get fat, I think, but not everyone can do it well.  Here’s an excerpt from the article :

I recently read somewhere that 64 percent of adult Americans are overweight or obese. And it got me to thinking: If I had to, not only could I put on the extra weight, but I’d actually be a pretty impressive fat guy.

I’ve already got the eating part down. I love food. Who doesn’t? And the prospect of eating three Denver omelets with extra cheese for breakfast, a Big Mac for lunch, a bucket of fried chicken for dinner, and a cheesesteak for a midnight snack, all the while sucking down four or five 32-ounce Cokes, is too inviting to resist.

He also goes on to explain why most fat people aren’t that good at being fat, and that he would put the “jolly” back in “fat and jolly”.  It’s a good read…

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