Elvis’ teddy bear… all shook up

There’s a tourist attraction in England called Wookey Hole Caves that had a display of 1,000 teddy bears, including one named Mabel which used to be owned by Elvis Presley.  This one particular bear was worth $75,000.  There were other valuable ones, too.  In fact, the collection was so valuable that the insurance company insisted that guard dogs be used to watch it at night, along with a security guard.  So they brought in Barney the guard dog.  (Do you see where this is headed?)  So guess what the dog did… It mauled dozens of teddy bears, including Mabel.  And the insurance company really can’t say much, because it was their idea.

At the news article, you can see a picture of Barney and his handler (who doesn’t look very happy), surrounded by stuffing from teddy bears.

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