what would be your method of choice for World Domination?

One day while contemplating on the social & economical ramifications a group such as the Superfriends or the Legion of Doom™ has had on our society… the question occurred to me…

If I was bent on World domination what would be my method of choice ?

Or to rephrase… what diabolical scheme would you use to put the world at your mercy?

personally, I think I’d invent the ‘diarrhea gun’ which is simply a gun that makes use of the elusive ‘brown note’ (read here for more) In a struggle for world domination I believe I would find it particularly effective in bringing society to it's knees.

7 thoughts on “what would be your method of choice for World Domination?

  1. Mr. Destructo

    Do you think I’d simply tell you my plans for world domination? HA! How stupid. Maybe if my plan was 5 minutes away from success and you were my prisoner, I would explain it. But that’s the only time for such monologue.

    BTW, I will soon be Dr. Destructo, as soon as I finish my doctorate on world domination at the academy. So no one can use Dr. Destructo, because that will soon be my name! If you try, you will be the first to be assimilated.

    And don’t laugh because I haven’t finished my degree yet. The physics of these doomsday devices ain’t just basic algebra, y’know…

  2. Important Doctor

    Not finished your doctorate? sounds like someones been slacking on their thesis! get to it! if you insist on slacking you could always try this shortcut.  I'm sure they would be more than happy to sell you a Doctorate.


  3. Bill 'the dominator' Gates

    What do you mean ‘if’ I was bent on world domination… the world has already fallen to me… it’s MINE!!!! mwa-ha ha ha…

  4. chester the 'cheese' eater

    I want to hear more about this diarrhea gun… I frequently eat too much cheese & get ‘blocked’ up…

    also… i’m planning to conquer the world using only cheeze whiz and a bull whip… not sure how it’s gonna work out just yet… i’ll post a status update later and let you know.

    Oh… & a note to ‘MR’ destructo… if you would like to become one of my legions (at least until you finish that doctorate) let me know… no previous experience necessary… you just gotta like cheese.

  5. Mr. Destructo

    Chester, your offer sounds somewhat cheesy to me… (I know someone else was thinking it, but I beat you to it!)

    Really, I don’t have time for such tomfoolery as cheeze whiz when contemplating world domination. My plan which I am planning involves beta decay, instantions, a density matrix, and subspaces of n-dimensional Riemannian manifolds, not to mention the Fibonacci Sequence and eigenvectors, all applied to the quantum level. My mental acrobatics easily surpass any plan formulated with mere cheeze whiz. (However, if you were to use real cheese, it has a lot of power, so I’ve heard.)

    Now I will depart, for I must finish my essay on “zero-point fluctuations in quantum fields”. It’s an upper-level elective course that was designed for those of us who prefer to stretch the boundaries of science while implementing our diabolical plan.

  6. chester the 'cheese' eater

    Mr. Destructo – I hereby withdraw my offer for employment… you use too many big-words. I can’t take the chance of having my plan run afoul simply because ordinary americans can’t understand you. as for cheese-whiz there is no denying that it is a manufactured-simulated-substitute psuedo-cheese imitation, disguised as ‘real’ cheese… but when I conquer the world you shall still ‘taste’ it’s power…

    … possibly with a ritz…

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