snow in the South

It’s great to live in the South… for numerous reasons, but on my mind now is how we don’t take snow for granted.   A few days ago, we got about 5 inches of snow here in central Arkansas, and there are still things shut down.  There’s a lack of equipment for clearing roads and bridges, and we often see some degree of ice with these winter storms that produce snow.   The first night of the snow, I saw a local news program that was listing closings on the screen, and one said “City of Conway closed”.  🙂  I’m sure that was meant for the local government, but it was very accurate nonetheless.

I didn’t get to build my (long dreamed of) ginormous snow castle nor Snowzilla, but hopefully there will be other opportunities.  I did get to build a snowman, though, and he’s one tough snowdude.  He has his arms bowed up at his side, ready to fight, and he has a mohawk.  He could definitely beat up your snowman.

On a related note, I had some of the Buffet o’ Blog staff to my house last night, and upon leaving, one of them decided to make buttprints in the snow in my front yard.  Lots of buttprints.  I didn’t take a picture, but you can just imagine… (Yet stranger things have happened…)

Is it illegal to build a snowman?

Can the city stop you from building a snowman?   I mean, has a snowman on your own property ever hurt anyone?  And if a particular one hasn’t, then it should be innocent until proven guilty, right?  Apparently not all city officials see things this way.

Billy Powers, of Anchorage, Alaska, builds a 25 foot tall snowman called Snowzilla every year.  The city ordered him not to build it last year, but he did anyway.  Supposedly this giant snowman is violating city land use codes.  City officials said Powers has ignored land use codes in Anchorage for 13 years and accumulated more than $100,000 in fines.

I’ll admit I don’t know the whole story, so maybe there’s more going on than what’s in the news release.   But based on the article, what’s the big deal? Are there land use codes in Alaska against building giant snowmen?  I sure hope not!  (Surely there’s no rules like that here in Arkansas, where we rarely get enough snow to do anything like that… but if we ever do get a ginormous snowfall, you’ll see some amazing snow creations!)

One of the commenters said Powers has junk in his yard, which would probably be the reason for the $100,000 in fines.  But why is the city manager complaining about a snowman?   If the guy is violating land use codes in other ways, then prosecute him for that.  Why in the world is he getting in trouble for building a giant snowman?

Of course, this isn’t the first time government has done something stupid.  But this is stretching it beyond normal stupidity…

funny pictures, episode 2

Everybody likes funny pictures, right?  Of course!  So we’re gonna give you more funny pictures.  Enjoy.  (And if you want to add a thought to this in the comments, have at it.)

I wonder who is the bigger nerd...
I wonder who is the bigger nerd...
I can has shower!
I can has shower!
Is this a snowmen parade, or are they about to take over the world?
Is this a snowmen parade, or are they about to take over the world?
It doesn't have to end this way...
It doesn't have to end this way...
Well, that's what some say.  I'm skipping Windows Vista, until M$ puts out an OS that isn't crap.
Well, that's what some say. I'm skipping Windows Vista, until M$ puts out an OS that isn't crap.


We finally got some snow accumulation here in Conway, AR, last night.  But it was only 1-2″ inches of accumulation.  Russellville got 11″, and they’re only about 45 miles to the northwest.  So we were ripped off.  But at least it’s something, even if it’s mostly melted just a few hours later.

The reason it didn’t accumulate much is because two days ago it was over 70 degrees, with the low in the 60s.  Then it snows the next night, and then tomorrow the high is 62.  But at least we got something.

Since there wasn’t much snow on the ground, I couldn’t build the snow castle / fortress that I’m planning to, but I did build a snow midget.  It’s not much, but at least there was a few minutes of enjoying the snow.

If only I had an industrial-sized snow-maker…