We finally got some snow accumulation here in Conway, AR, last night.  But it was only 1-2″ inches of accumulation.  Russellville got 11″, and they’re only about 45 miles to the northwest.  So we were ripped off.  But at least it’s something, even if it’s mostly melted just a few hours later.

The reason it didn’t accumulate much is because two days ago it was over 70 degrees, with the low in the 60s.  Then it snows the next night, and then tomorrow the high is 62.  But at least we got something.

Since there wasn’t much snow on the ground, I couldn’t build the snow castle / fortress that I’m planning to, but I did build a snow midget.  It’s not much, but at least there was a few minutes of enjoying the snow.

If only I had an industrial-sized snow-maker…

3 thoughts on “snow

  1. Not a Scientist, but Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    This just proves my latest theory that some other scientist – possibly one of my nefarious rivals – has stolen my weather magnet and activated it in Russellville. I thought I had just misplaced it in my cavernous underground laboratory. Curses! This will limit the effectiveness of weather control device, as its power will be siphoned towards my foe who is no doubt planning to use it against me.

  2. Mr. Destructo

    It was probably that (wanna-be) Important Evil Genius who stole it. All his equipment is old and out-dated, plus I hear his secret lairs keep getting discovered, so he probably resorted to such nefarious means.

    If you plan to take it back, I have a surplus of handheld weapons you could borrow. Not that you’d need all that. I bet you could take out his lair’s defense system with some chewed gum (a la MacGyver). And you could capture him easily, because he’s all old and decrepit. But you might as well take some awesome firepower so you can blow stuff up just for fun.

  3. Not a Scientist, but Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    Wait a minute, I can use this stolen magnet to my advantage! All I have to do is make another one! With the power of both of these magnets, I should be able to attract weather from much farther away. I’ll pull a cold front from the Artic down so far it will give an 80% chance of snow here on Friday.

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