the military’s new ray gun

The military now has an actual ray gun, which they call the “Active Denial System”.  It shoots out a 100,000 watt beam of radio waves.  It does no permanent damage, but it can stop people in their tracks up to half a mile away.

There’s some videos at this link.

I just want to know — where can I get one?  🙂

This would be great for keeping the neighbor’s pets out of my yard, along with those annoying door-to-door salesmen.  Plus it would be great at parties, although they need to develop a hand-gun sized version.  Maybe I should get the Buffet o’ Blog R&D department to develop one.  I bet it would sell like hotcakes…

7 thoughts on “the military’s new ray gun

  1. Not a Cyborg, but stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    What kind of pansy military is developing a non-lethal ray gun?!? I’ve got two better ray guns, just in my right arm. (One disintegrates things, the other turns them into cheese.) If they want non-lethal, they should make a sheep cannon. It could either turn people into sheep, or launch sheep at people. Either one would be hilarious.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    If you’re not a cyborg, how do you explain having two (2) ray guns in your arm?

    I do like the idea of a sheep cannon, though. (Either use would be cool, although a toggle switch would be great.)

  3. Not a Cyborg, but stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

    How I happen to have ray guns is none of your concern. Also not any of your concern is my jet pack, homing missiles, rail gun, spud gun, titanium armor, and automatic fruit juicer.

    But a toggle switch for the sheep gun would be awesome. I’d also make a switch for a sheep magnet. That wat you could make a sheep, magnet the sheep to you, then lauch said sheep. Also, if you lauch the sheep straight up, you could do some sheep juggling or sheep paddleball.

    And I think the above paragragh wins the award for the most times using the word ‘sheep’.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Mr. Not a Cyborg, I’m gonna make it my business! If you have all those weapons at your disposal, this could become a matter of national security. If you aren’t reported with the military officials soon, I will have to make a citizen’s arrest. And don’t think I won’t do it! You don’t want to mess with me!

  5. Great Philosopher

    Sheep seem all innocent and harmless, but I wonder if one could conquer France with an army of sheep…

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