buying lots of toilet paper for fun

One of the regular readers here at Buffet o’ Blog just told me about an idea to do for fun.  He wants to go to Walmart (or as some say, Walmarks) and buy a package of toilet paper (TP).  Then about half an hour later, go buy another package of TP, making sure you go to the same cashier.  Then do it again, and again, and again.  If the cashier asks how your day is going, hold your stomach and say it’s been rough.   When they recognize you and say something, tell them it’s an emergency.

It’s a lot of work for a simple prank for just one person, but the look on that cashier’s face could potentially be… priceless.  Well, probably not, but it could be, and they probably need help in making their day more surreal.

A variation on this is that you could buy a few months supply of toilet paper at one time — picture dozens of family packs of TP.   They will probably give you a quizzical glance at some point, and you could tell them that it’s Mango-Man’s turn to cook supper, and after last time, you can’t be too prepared…  🙂

caption contest, man on bed in ocean

It’s time for this week’s caption contest, and since Halloween is approaching, here’s a photo featuring someone in a costume.  I’m not sure who it is, but it’s a caricature, and the person is standing on his bed, which is in the ocean for some reason.  So, like always, you get to explain what’s going on here.

man in costume on bed in ocean

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car covered in Post-It notes

Someone sent me these pictures via e-mail of a prank of covering someone’s car in colored Post-It notes.  Can you imagine the expression of the car’s owner when he found this?  (Click on the pictures for a larger version.)

car covered in Post-It notes, 1

car covered in Post-It notes, 2

car covered in Post-It notes, 3

Somewhere there’s a VERY unhappy office manager with nothing left in the annual supplies budget.

a new jack o’lantern for Halloween

Once again it’s the Halloween season.   Well, not really a season, because it’s just one day of trick-or-treat, but I suppose some folks do lots of decorating for it.  It seems like the “spooky” decorating is becoming more rampant each year.  But I digress…

Are you going to go to the most sincere pumpkin patch to wait for the Great Pumpkin?  Each Halloween night, he rises out of the pumpkin patch to scare little children, er, I mean, to give them candy and presents.  That’s what I hear anyway.  I haven’t ever been to one of those sincere pumpkin patches.  Maybe I’m not sensitive enough to know if one is sincere.  Whatever…  Let’s get to the point of this story…  I’m digressing again…

One Halloween holiday tradition I’m trying to get started is putting a flaming pumpkin of poop on someone’s front porch.  I mentioned this a while back, but it has yet to catch on for some reason.  I know, creating a jack-o-lantern out of poop is not ideal, so here’s an update (consider it version 2.0).  Take a standard jack o’lantern (however you want to spell it), and cover it with poop.  Take it to a friend’s porch.  Then you set it on fire.  It’s a guaranteed good time!

Some of the staff here voted and nominated Mango-Man’s house as the first place to try out this new Halloween decoration.  I’m sure it’ll draw trick-or-treaters to his house, with all the bright fire on his pumpkin.  He’ll have to let us know how it turns out.  🙂