Are humans just mutant animals?

Have you ever wondered what animals think of humans?  We take it for granted that we are many times more intelligent than our pets, but what do they think about us?  Your dog might think you’re a mutant with super powers.  You can do things that transcend his understanding.  Imagine it from his perspective…

Now some scientists think that we may have super powers compared to other animals, that humans are mutants and a “copyediting error” in the brain is what separates us from other animals.  To that I say, “WHATEVER”.  God designed us this way.  Although even if you believe in evolution, does that account for mutants with super powers?  If so, I wasn’t taught that in school.  Science and biology classes would’ve been a lot more interesting if we’d talked about how to get super powers.

It’s impossible to know how an animal would think of all this.  Although it’s probably safe to say that if you were born a cat instead of a human, you wouldn’t be thinking about these things, nor would you even be aware that such a discussion could exist.  Your life would center around eating, sleeping, and playing.  Although I reckon that’s what a lot of humans focus on, not making much use of our superior intellect.  To each their own.  Actually, on second thought, eating a big mound of nachos and taking a nap sounds pretty good right now, super powers or not.

men are more evolved than women

This may stir something up, but I’m not afraid of controversy.  Besides, facts are facts, right?  According to a news release this week, scientists have now concluded that men are more evolved than women.  Before we jump into the debate of what that means, here’s an excerpt from the article:

Women may think of men as primitive, but new research indicates that the Y chromosome — the thing that makes a man male — is evolving far faster than the rest of the human genetic code. … These changes occurred in the last 6 million years or so, relatively recently when it comes to evolution.

Genetics researcher R. Scott Hawley said, “Wow, that result is astounding.”  Are you surprised, too?

Now, I realize some of you don’t believe in evolution (or at least parts of it).  Regardless of that, scientists are just trying to figure out why men are more “evolved” than women.  Maybe it was something else.  Who knows?

Before you get mad at me, remember I’m just relaying info I saw in the news, for your convenience.  You can draw your own conclusions.  We report, you decide.

(BTW, if the conversation in the comments gets a little heated, remember this is a humor site, so jokes will be made.  If you can’t handle it, you can just browse somewhere else before you get all offended.  Thank you, drive thru…)

all continents are drifting back together

Remember in school when we were taught that all the continents of the Earth were at one time a single large supercontinent?  Now some scientists are saying we’re going back to that.  And not only that, but that this has happened before, many times, and each cycle is 500 million years.  So the continents all break apart, then eventually they all come back together in the middle.

What’s crazy is that the TV show that was saying this said it was like wooden continental plate models floating in boiling water.  They showed this, and the plates did drift apart.  But then they go about randomly, so it wasn’t really a good model after all.  It just didn’t seem too scientific.  But they’re the scientists, so we should believe everything they say, right?

Also, when the continents come back together, this will result in extreme climates, and it may be enough to wipe out some of life.  If that has happened multiple times, wouldn’t that throw a wrench in the theory of evolution?