men are more evolved than women

This may stir something up, but I’m not afraid of controversy.  Besides, facts are facts, right?  According to a news release this week, scientists have now concluded that men are more evolved than women.  Before we jump into the debate of what that means, here’s an excerpt from the article:

Women may think of men as primitive, but new research indicates that the Y chromosome — the thing that makes a man male — is evolving far faster than the rest of the human genetic code. … These changes occurred in the last 6 million years or so, relatively recently when it comes to evolution.

Genetics researcher R. Scott Hawley said, “Wow, that result is astounding.”  Are you surprised, too?

Now, I realize some of you don’t believe in evolution (or at least parts of it).  Regardless of that, scientists are just trying to figure out why men are more “evolved” than women.  Maybe it was something else.  Who knows?

Before you get mad at me, remember I’m just relaying info I saw in the news, for your convenience.  You can draw your own conclusions.  We report, you decide.

(BTW, if the conversation in the comments gets a little heated, remember this is a humor site, so jokes will be made.  If you can’t handle it, you can just browse somewhere else before you get all offended.  Thank you, drive thru…)

2 thoughts on “men are more evolved than women

  1. Blah!

    i agree men are more evolved. Many scientists believe that creatures who experience the most strife and survive tend to do better (ak.a. survival) than those who do not.

    Most men live with women for most of their lives (first a mother and then a wife or two or three).

    Last I checked, men are still around and stronger than ever. 😀

    Guess we have to be tough to kill.

    We are constantly surrounded by strife.

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