pictures of Halloween costumes

Here’s a quick post showing a few Halloween costumes I’ve come across.

This is creative.
I suppose this is creative, but WHY?
This is a good attempt at Optimus Prime, but a reminder of the “uncanny valley”, that as you get closer to reality, it can appear further away. It also shows how DIY costumes are often harder to pull off than you might expect. And to be fair, the costume would work a lot better if he had his helmet on.
Here’s an example in the opposite direction — this is less realistic, but it looks better because you aren’t comparing it to reality.
Their expression says it all. (And that is one sad clown!)
This is kinda neat, although we can’t tell how the person is able to see.
Let’s end on a high note — this is a well-done costume! This is in the style of a 1983 Topps baseball card, but 3D.

(To see more funny pictures, click on the “Funny Pictures” category in the sidebar.)

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