a trip to Baconalia

The Buffet o’ Blog staff (with some very special guests) visited Denny’s last week to research their Baconalia promotion.  The food was good — I had a bacon chipotle chicken dish, which was tasty, and the bacon dish featuring 6 strips of bacon (3 types) also received good review.  Another guy tried the bacon meatloaf, but said it didn’t have enough bacon and wasn’t a hit.  The most unusual thing on the special bacon menu was a bacon sundae with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup (which no one tested, sadly).  Another trip may be warranted for further research, as I have since read that the Maple Bacon Sundae is the best new item, and I am curious to try it.

Denny’s even printed special menus that look like giant strips of bacon, which is awesome.  I asked the waitress if we could get bacon that large, but unfortunately they were not pictured actual size.  I realize there may be logistical reasons why not, but this is America, so why can’t we supersize our bacon?!?  🙂

More restaurants should use bacon to promote their food as well as using more bacon in their food.  Imagine the increased business if they advertised that all dishes come with 50% more bacon!  Or if you could add bacon to anything.  I think we’re on to something here…

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