the Important Doctor on migraines

One day a while back I had a migraine, and I happened to run into the “Important Doctor” that occasionally writes comments on this blog, and I told him how I was trying to keep a good attitude despite the immense pain.   Do you know what he said to me?  Think on this:

At least you’re healthy enough to feel bad.

What does that even mean?  Is that supposed to make me feel better?  Is he a philosopher or a doctor?

3 thoughts on “the Important Doctor on migraines

  1. SmellyCat

    Sounds like a good quote. Hard to explain though. I think the Important Doctor should make a house call to explain his vague response to your predicament.

    If I was to give an explanation, I would say this: Basically you are tough enough to handle it.

    even in 114 degree heat.

  2. Important Doctor

    NO NO NO! it certainly wasn’t that I thought he was ‘tough enough to handle it’. If you would have saw the way he was whining and carrying on you would understand. He also misunderstood what I said. After checking his vitals and weighing him, what I actually said (sarcastically) was “geez! you are healthy enough! your real fat!” what does this have to do with migranes? EVERYTHING! all the fat on his body is weighing him down and pulling all the skin on his frame downward, this creates tension on top of his skull and around his eyes where the pressure is greatest! apparently there is also pressure on his ears which would cause him to be sensitive to noise and apparently cause hearing issues.
    Short term solution is to lie down in a cool dark quiet room to alleviate some of the tension. You should feel better by the next day. Long term solution would be to lose weight. I be sure and send you my bill!

  3. Thomas Wayne

    So are you saying fat people have more headaches?

    If that’s the case, then losing weight would reduce people’s headaches. And if you’re right on that, perhaps you could also be right on your infamous bacon and cheese diet. (I won’t hold my breath, but I wish the diet would work!)

    BTW, I don’t think you can tell someone they’re fat and then send them a bill for it… Isn’t there some oath that you’re supposed to actually help people, that is, if you’re really a doctor?

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