caption contest, car attacked by birds

Last week’s caption contest dealt with a serious topic — the oil spill.  Since we can’t have too much seriousness here on this blog, this week’s caption contest will use a photo that leads to easy jokes and easy humor — a car windshield covered in bird poop, and the car’s owner looking quite distraught.  So write a caption explaining what’s going on here or what the woman is thinking or what her friends are thinking, or make up something totally different.  Just keep it clean and funny.

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25 thoughts on “caption contest, car attacked by birds

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    And now you know why that great parking spot right next to the building, but underneath the statue, is always open.

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    In his early years, Big Bird had a habit of vandalism. When he was finally caught, he joined Sesame Street to work off his community service.

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