caption contest, swimmer in ocean

Posts may be sparse this week because I’ve got a lot of stuff to do*, but I’ll still get you a weekly caption contest!  This week’s photo features a swimmer in the ocean, but the water doesn’t look normal in a couple of ways.  Could this be related to the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?  Or could something else be going on?   Is this from a sci-fi movie?  Or is there some random story behind it that no one has ever thought of before?  You get to decide.  Leave a comment (or several comments) with whatever you can think up.

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11 thoughts on “caption contest, swimmer in ocean

  1. MangoMan

    Un-aired LOST ending: unknown to the survivors, the smoke monster could also travel in the water as he stalks his next victim.

  2. Important Doctor

    “when you’re floating on your back
    and you think it’s just some gas…
    diarrhea… diarrhea!!!

    when floating in the sea,
    and you think it’s just some pee…
    diarrhea… diarrhea!!!

    you’re blaming the oil spill…
    but you’re friends all know it’s real…..
    ly diarrhea… diarrhea!

  3. Thomas Wayne

    I’m swimming in the ocean because Obama said only 3 beaches were affected, and this isn’t one of those. Wait, what’s all this oil doing here?!? Could Obama have lied? No way, he’s not a normal politician. No… ugh… my hopes are now dashed… he’s just another lying politician. NOOOO!

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Where is Aquaman? This may be the first time his “superpowers” would be of use, and he’s nowhere to be seen!

  5. Holiday Inn Express

    Amid growing public outcry, Aquaman finally admits that he has no super powers, and made the whole thing up in an attempt to get a date with Wonder Woman. As with everything else, he failed at that too.

  6. Aquaman

    Hey, I remember this picture! It’s me back when I was just a wee-bity tadpole. Before I got famous and made people like Holiday Inn envious of my prestige.

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