caption contest, Obama trying to be cool

I usually don’t involve politics in the weekly caption contest, but with all that’s going on this week (i.e., national health care), I figured it’s a good time.  So this week’s photo features President Barack Obama in a room full of people, and he’s giving a fist-bump to some other guy.  Obviously Obama is agreeing with that guy, or at least trying to act cool, and the other people in the room appear to have mixed emotions about whatever is going on.  It’s your job to write the caption for this picture.

The only rules are that you keep your comments clean, and make an attempt to be funny.  I expect some of you will want to make a political rant about the new health care bill, and that’s fine, as long as you try to make it funny.   This is a humor blog, not a political discussion forum.

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11 thoughts on “caption contest, Obama trying to be cool

  1. Fab

    Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE! Guy on Right: Shape of a middle age white man in a suit.

    Guy on left (how appropriate): Form of the worst President in U.S. history.

  2. Pumped Up Reader

    Congressional Budget Office Man: Based off the manipulated numbers/unproven financial projections you gave us, we think your plan will save & create jobs, fix healthcare, and lower the deficit.

    Obama: Hooray!

    (fist bump)

  3. Pumped Up Reader

    Guy on Right: We just included a mandate in the stimulus bill for a monument to be build in your honor in 2012

    Obama: That’s what I’m talking about!

    (fist bump)

  4. Pumped Up Reader

    Guy on Right: ALL people who oppose your policies are racists.

    Obama: Not all people.

    Guy on Right: then who?

    Obama: Only white people can be racist. Everyone else is just “misinformed”.

    Guy on Right: O Great One, your statements are true and accurate. On behalf of all white people, I apologize.

    Obama: It’s all good.

    (fist bump)

  5. Funny Stuff

    White House Advisor: “Mr. President, you realize how controversial this new piece of legislation is. I am curious, what will you do if it fails?”

    Obama: “Blame Bush.”

    (fist bump)

  6. Funny Stuff

    Obama: “Hello everyone. I would like to introduce our new white house advisor to the president. (looks to advisor) Do you have anything you would like to say?

    White House Advisor: I am just glad Glenn Beck doesn’t know I exist.

    (fist bump)

  7. Fab

    Who knew O’Bomber had a white Siamese twin brother named Steve connected to him at the knuckles? His brother always wants to go right and Barry Wayne aways wants to go left.

  8. Thomas Wayne

    Guy standing on right: “Mr. Obama, we finally bought, er, I mean, convinced the last necessary Democrat to vote for the health care package.”

    Obama: “This deserves a fist bump!”

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